Oculus Rift

VR headsets can be borrowed for project-based work or research from Brendan Byrne in Room 839. The Open Library also has headsets and touch controllers for students looking to play VR games.

VR Carts

Students are able to checkout a cart with PC and HTC Vive from the Open Library. The cart is mobile and can be setup in classrooms, open areas, and within the library. Those enrolled in courses focusing on VR development will be prioritized.

Black Box Theater

The Black Box theater in Room 822 is available to all NYU Game Center students and faculty. The studio features a motion capture system, HTC Vives, and sound proofing for recording purposes. The space can also be used to host performances.

MFA Thesis Breakout Space

The red breakout space outside of Room 831 is used for VR development predominantly by second year MFA students, but other Game Center students are welcome to use it. The area contains a VR Ready PC , mounted Vive sensors, and Oculus sensors. Headsets can be checked out separately.