Card and Game Piece Laser Printing

The Game Center offers print services to all MAGNET students for images smaller than 11" x 17". We print on card stock and request that you either use the template below or submit multipage PDFs formatted for either Letter or Tabloid size.


  • Use this optional template found here

  • Artboards represent the print areas of 8.5” x 11” (Letter) and 11” x 17” (Tabloid) paper sizes

  • Add cards, game pieces, and images to the numbered artboards in ascending order (1, 2, 3 etc.)

  • If your cards are two-sided, use the top row of artboards as the face of the cards and the corresponding artboard located beneath it as the back

  • Card backs must be mirrored along the vertical axis of the artboard to ensure proper placement when printed


  • In Illustrator, click File and then Save As...

  • Name your file and chose a destination

  • Set the Format to Adobe PDF (pdf)

  • Use Artboards should be checked by default

  • Select All or a Range based on the number of artboards

  • At the next options screen, select Save PDF


  • Submit your prints here

  • If your file is over 20 MB, use to compress it

  • Prints are made at 6:00pm Monday - Friday

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email when your print is ready

  • Prints can be picked up from outside of Room 839

Large-format Inkjet Printing

Large-format printing is available for images that are larger than 11" x 17". We only print images relevant to your coursework. Please review the information below before requesting a print. About

  • Maximum print width is 36" with full bleed

  • We use enhanced matte paper

  • Used exclusively for course-related work


  • Send one 300 DPI JPG or PNG file to

  • The printer uses roll paper so your image can be however long

  • Do not send more than one document

  • Print are made at 6:00pm Monday - Friday

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email when your print is ready

  • Prints can be picked up from outside of Room 839

Archival Printing LaGuardia Studio

If you need museum-quality prints, consider using the LaGuardia Studio at the Washington Square campus. They offer a variety of paper types and sizes up to 60". There is a reasonable (although still very expensive) fee for their services.

LaGuardia Studio :

Poster Printing at LaGuardia Co-op

If you need several large posters to advertise an event or to decorate your apartment or doom room, consider the 40" poster printer at the LaGuardia Co-op. They charge $2 per square foot.

LaGuardia Co-op :

Optimizing Large-format Prints

You should always arrange your document to minimize white space. This will save you money and your print technician paper and time.

Help us conserve paper by formatting your prints properly.

Staff + Faculty Multi-function Printer

The admin photocopier is unavailable for student use, but we make exceptions on occasion. Speak with a Game Center faculty or staff concerning use of the printer for any of the following reasons...

  • Thesis or Capstone projects

  • High-volume printing for Game Center events

  • Prints for a course you are TAing

  • Using the fax function