Internships + Employment

Internship Overview

Internships 101 - Slides from the Internships 101 workshop, a basic overview of what an internship is and how to prepare to apply for one.

Jobs and Internships at NYU - General overview of Work Study & Internships for students.

Career Development at Tisch - Career planning resources & tools.

Fair Labor Standards Act - Information regarding the New York Dept of Labor’s wage guidelines for internships.

Internships for Credit

All BFA and MFA students may complete an internship for academic credit. All internships are pass-fail. Depending on the semester and how many credits you are enrolled in, there may be additional fees, double check with Kevin Spain before registering. To complete an internship for credit, the following is required: 1. Confirm internship with company 2. Speak with Kevin Spain ( about registering the internship as a class 3. Email Toni Pizza ( for Internship Paperwork & Requirements

Credit breakdown for internships:

Hours Worked:

Credits (up to):

7 hours/week or 50 hours total


11 - 14 hours/week or 100 hours total


14 - 17 hours/week or 150 hours total


17 - 21 hours/week or 200 hours total


21 - 25 hours/week or 250 hours total


25 - 28 hours/week or 300 hours total


Once enrolled for-credit, students are required to:

  • Complete an Internship Agreement with their supervisor

  • Submit monthly "invoices" to report hours worked (Due last Friday of each month)

  • Update their resume and online portfolio

  • Report internship on Tisch's College Central

  • Supervisor's evaluation at the conclusion of the internship

Contact Toni Pizza for any questions about internships for credit.

Where to Look

NYU Game Center Dev List - The NYU-Game-Dev List is a mailing list about jobs, internships, events, and connection to other students and alumni. Students are not automatically added to this list, you must subscribe. Tisch College Central - Tisch-wide database of jobs, internships, and other opportunities in the arts & related fields. They also offer a wide variety of career related workshops and tools. Open to current students & alumni. Other Places - - Game Job Sites:,,, etc. - Company Websites: Directly visit specific company websites for their postings, for example:,,,, etc. If you're having trouble finding where they post open positions, check the very bottom of the web page and all of the tabs for things like "jobs, opportunities, join us, work with us," etc. - Job Aggregators: Combing through sites like,,,, etc for game-specific postings takes time but can be worthwhile.

Resume + Portfolio Resources

No single resource gives the perfect information for any particular situation. Use your best judgement and have someone proof-read or review your work before you submit. Here are a few of our suggestions…

  • Research the companies you’re applying to before you start your resume

  • Tailor your resume for each position you’re applying for.

  • Provide as much context to your reader as possible – include details like team size, number of game downloads, project goals, etc whenever you can.

  • Be consistent with your formatting, naming conventions, punctuation, etc.

  • Keep all of your info on one, single-sided page!

Portfolio Website Hosting

International Students

Employment for International Students - Overview of important Visa, tax, and employment info. For specific questions, contact NYU's Office of Global Services (OGS).

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