Kevin Spain : Administrative Director

Kevin manages the overall administration for the Game Center, including but not limited to the budget, staffing, payroll, academic schedule, student affairs, admissions, graduation, orientation, etc. Kevin works with the chair to create and implement department policy for all faculty, staff, and students. He also serves as a contact for other Tisch departments and is well-versed in school policy. Room 617


Student Concerns

Financial Aid

Transfer Credits

Checking Your Transcript

AP Credits

Schedule of Classes


CPT/OPT for International Students

Grad Student TA positions


Summer Classes

Hermione Brice : Administrative Aide

Hermione works with the faculty and staff to make sure the department runs smoothly by offering clerical and administrative support in and out of the classroom. She keeps the Game Center well stocked with supplies and maintains documentation of meetings, summits, and town halls for the department. Hermione also acts as the assistant to the department chair and is the first point of contact for the department. Hermione is also a great resource if you don't know to whom to direct your question!

Room 615


Scheduling Appts with the Chair

Department Documentation



Prototyping Cart

Clerical Support

Logan Clare : Tech Staff

Logan maintains the Game Center’s tech inventory, tech check-outs, and assists with the department’s technical needs at events and in the Library. He is also responsible for general computer maintenance and software license management.

Room 603


Equipment Checkouts

Tech Purchasing

Software Licenses

Game Center Server

Wireless Network

Audio for Lectures

Prototyping Carts

Photo Studio Website

Computer Maintenance

Fabrication Lab

Project Consultation

Gwynna Forgham-Thrift : Operations Administrator

Gwynna is the go-to person for inquiries about the Open Library, including questions about the student librarians, games acquisition and donations, and library use for classes. Gwynna also manages all of the space and technology of the department. She handles room reservations, repairs requests, and oversees the tech checkout. Gwynna is a great resource for logistical questions for both internal and external Game Center events. Room 618


Open Library

Event Planning/Logistics

Floor/Room Bookings

Game Center Calendar

MAGNET Security Memos/Issues

Mailing List and Website

Film, Photo, and Other Media

GC at Conferences and Festivals

Physical Door Keys

National Basketball Association

Jessica Lam: Department Administrator

Jessica works on the academic administration side of the Game Center, helping with student registration & enrollment, department meetings, and admissions. She is available to meet with students who want additional advising after meeting with their faculty advisor. She is also available to meet regarding any and all student issues. Jessica also manages the admissions process at the Game Center and meets regularly with prospective parents and students in search of the next generation of Game Center students. She will be the liaison for the Student Show, and works closely with the Chair on special projects. Recently, she has began photographing Game Center events. Room 621


Student Life

Special Projects

Class/Advising Rosters


Registration Clearance

Recruitment and Admissions

Student Showcase

Department Reporting

Barlovento Scholarship

Aspiring Poison Ivy

Dylan McKenzie : Program Coordinator

Dylan manages the Game Center events as well as industry and external partnerships. He manages the website as well as the social media presence for the Game Center. In the summer, Dylan runs the Game Center Incubator, in which select games with commercial viability are able to work with an industry advisory board to get their games published. In addition to his duties as an administrator, Dylan also teaches as an adjunct instructor for Games 101 and Intro to Game Studies. Room 620



Locating Jobs & Internships

Game Center Website

Programming Events

Guidance for Publishing Games

Automobile Racing

Social Media / Email Lists

Public Relations

Local Game Industry Outreach

Contact for Other NYU Departments

Toni Pizza : Project Coordinator

Toni works on internships, jobs, and grants. During the academic year, Toni is available to meet with students to discuss their job applications, resumes, etc. She also works with alumni coordinators to schedule newsletters and events to build our alumni network and coordinates our high school programs. In addition to her administrative work, Toni, a graduate of our first MFA class, occasionally adjuncts for our department and IDM in game design courses. Room 619



Locating Jobs & Internships

Resume & Portfolio Reviews

High School Programs & Outreach



Grants & Grant Writing

Alumni Relations