Advising & Registration

Fall 2019 Registration Reminders

  • Registration for spring opens on April 15, 2019. Your specific registration appointment time can be found in the Student Center under ENROLLMENT DATES.

  • Your adviser must clear you for registration. Please contact them to schedule a time to meet and discuss your spring schedule.

  • Check the BFA or MFA schedule for the most up-to-date list of Game Center classes, course descriptions and links to the most recent version of the syllabus.

  • Full-time registration is 12-18 credits. Only graduating senior BFAs may register for less than 12 credits. Over 18 must be approved by your adviser and will cost additional tuition and fees per credit.

  • BFAs should check your "Degree Progess Report" in Albert to track progress toward graduation. Be sure to look at Gen Eds, Game Design major requirements, and any minors.

  • If you're not sure who your adviser is, email Kevin or Jessica.


Every semester you will work with your faculty adviser to plan for the next term. Spring advising begins in mid-October and registration is in mid-Novmber. Fall advising begins in mid-March, usually after spring break, and registration is in mid-April.

You should always go into your advising meeting prepared. Spend time looking at the class schedule in Albert, and in the Game Center links. Undergrads should pay attention to their "Degree Progress Report" and plan their schedule around required classes. When you meet you will discuss the various classes you could take in the next semester, and you can decide which are best for you given your goals as a student and after graduation. Your adviser may want to see a final class list before they clear you, which could be via email or require a follow-up meeting.

Advising is not just about class registration. You can talk to your adviser about your plans after graduation, about jobs and internships, or just about how things are going for you. You can also meet with your adviser outside of the registration period. Your adviser is here to help guide you on your path at NYU and the Game Center.


All class registration is done via Albert and the Student Center. You can search for classes and add them to your Shopping Cart in the weeks leading up to your registration appointment. Once you reach your appointment time, you will be able to move forward in the process and enroll in the classes. You want to make sure you have completed all three steps for registration, and see that you are fully enrolled or wait listed for the class. The Registrar has created several guides to using Albert on their website.

When adding your Game Center classes, you can use the schedule posted on this site and add classes directly to your shopping cart using the Class Number. Just be sure to re-validate the classes before your registration appointment, as the schedule can shift around sometimes.

If a class is full, you can choose to wait list. To do this you must check the wait list option when adding the class to your shopping cart. When you confirm your schedule you'll be notified of your position on the wait list, and if you make it into the class you will receive an email. If you're still on the wait list at the start of the semester you can attend the first class and speak to the instructor about possibly getting in - it is at their discretion to over-enroll a class or not. Read through the Registrar guides to learn about the swap feature as well.